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The Common Alloys used in Making Jewelry

A number of times you might see an impressive piece of jewelry and you want to buy it. Most of the jewelry today is made of alloy metals. The alloy jewelry is seen as being impressive because of the colors it can offer and durability too. There are quite a number of many alloys in the market today and it is important to know some important information about them before making a purchase. Gold Gold is a popular alloy jewelry that most people would want to have among their jewelry collection. In most cases, the gold jewelry is a symbol of wealth for most people. This is according to the ancient traditions where the kinds used gold as a measure of gold. The common yellow gold of 18K is popular as it can be worked into different shapes that the client wants. It will not tarnish over time and does not have an effect on people with skin irritations.



The amount of gold in jewelry is measured in terms of carats. The most common is the 18K that is 75% pure gold. The 24K is 100% pure gold but too soft for making jewelry. Platinum This is a metal used in making alloy jewelry that is meant to last for a long time. Platinum presents jewelry that does not fade or tarnish over time. The jewelry will remain looking great even after years of usage. It is also a great jewelry for people with sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic. Platinum presents an amazing quality, as it does not get easily affected with scratches. It can be polished easily at home whenever you see a few dirt. Using gold and platinum, it is easy to come up with a number of different alloy jewelry. The durability and appearance is based on the different types of metals used in the combination. When going to buy the alloy jewelry, ensure that you do have a friend who knows the jewelry very well. This will help you to get the best form of jewelry that is actually the value for your money. Sometimes you might get people being conned into buying the fake jewelry from the stores. You too can go through several tutorials on how to identify the genuine jewelry from the fake. Always buy from a trusted store to minimize the cases of being conned. A number of top rated stores do exist today to offer the best jewelry.

Nov 26

Wholesale Durable Alloy Jewelry

The price of gold these days is so high now that even wealthy people think twice before buying it. With a rapid increase in its price, people have started to look for alternatives when it comes to buying gold jewelry. Many new metals are now available to manufacturers of jewelry that are not very high in price, but can still give a stylish look. Among all these metals, Stainless Steel Alloy is best for jewelry. This metal is not as durable as gold or diamond, but people still buy it because they are not expensive. All the manufacturers mostly prefer it. The reason behind it is that this metal is strong and does not corrode very quickly. It is soft so manufactures can easily give it stylish new shapes and designs. Stainless Steel Alloy as compared to other metals is more durable and looks very much like silver. Its durability is also another reason why it is used in jewelry manufacturing. When it comes to alloy jewelry, there are different types of bracelets, chains, bangles, anklets and earrings available in the market.


White gold and silver can cause allergies as they have an element used in their production which is called “nickel”, whereas manufacturers can easily make alloy jewelry without adding nickel, which reduces the chance of causing allergies. Stainless steel may not be as bright and shiny as other metals, but it is noted that some people prefer a metallic look, especially men. Stainless steel is mostly used in making dress jewelry.


Making full use of its plasticity, the jewelry manufacturers can give alloy jewelry new designs in order to attract customers. It is available in a large variety of different items and stunning designs. Sometimes alloy jewelry is also crafted with new designs to make it look unique. People can also get their names engraved on it and even ask the crafters to make special customized designs exclusively for them. Stainless steel jewelry is very much like platinum but the main differences between these two metals are that stainless steel is less expensive and much stronger than platinum and does not corrode easily.

Ways to make it durable

The best way to increase the life of alloy jewelry and make it look new is to keep it away from dust. If you want to wash it, a soft soap and a little warm water is perfect. Using a lot of water is also not good for the metal’s durability as it can become rusty, therefore, always use a water dipped cloth to clear out the soap. Try your best not to put it on a rough surface to save it from scratches.


So, jewelry in Stainless Steel Alloy is preferable as it is not very expensive and does not require a lot of care and maintenance unlike other metals. It is also available in different shapes, which give the buyer a large variety to choose from. All this makes Stainless Steel Alloy a wise option whenever you are planning to purchase jewelry.

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Nov 26

Wholesale Alloy Jewelry jewelry

The huge price for the gold made the wealthiest ones can afford the gold jewelries while silver and copper are much more affordable but these corrode quickly and can cause allergic reactions. In order to avoid such, many new metals are now in market that can be crafted into beautiful jewelries and the most popular used is stainless steel alloy. So why stainless steel alloy? It’s because that metal is so strong and clean and is also much softer and very flexible to make well polished designs. Stainless steel alloy is a relatively hard and durable metal. It is slightly similar in appearance to silver. It is harder than silver and will not tarnish and rust as easily which is why it is increasingly used in jewelry. The metal is used to design a number of costume jewelery pieces including: bracelets, earrings, necklace, chains and bangles.

White gold and sterling silver pieces often contain a metal called ‘nickel’ which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Stainless alloy jewelry can be made without nickel making it suitable for those allergic to nickel. Stainless alloy jewelry does not have the same luster or shine as other metals but some prefer its slightly more metallic appearance and it is particularly popular amongst men. It is more popularly used to design dress jewelry and men’s bracelets.

Stainless steel alloy costume jewelery is available in a range of designs including floral and geometrical. From simple and elegant chains to chunky and stone studded necklaces, the choice is unlimited. Embossing and engraving are often done to create innovative and exclusive designs. The jewelery pieces are available in contemporary as well as antique designs. It’s handsome and it resembles platinum, but it’s much stronger and less expensive. It’s not prone to rust or tarnish, and it’s easy to clean.

how to keep them looking its best. Keep it free of dust and dirt. With a soft cloth, gently rub on a little warm, soapy water (dish-washing detergent is fine). Try to avoid scratches. Next, apply plain warm water with a cloth, or dip your piece in the water. Gently wipe dry with another soft cloth.

The advantage to using stainless steel alloy jewelry is that it is not as expensive as the ones made from precious metals. This type of jewelry does not require much maintenance as is the case with the precious metal jewelry pieces which require frequent polishing, and there is also no question of smudging this particular form of jewelry. If you like the metallic finish and require a robust piece of jewelry capable of withstanding moisture without tarnish or corrosion then stainless steel is a very affordable and wise option.

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Nov 26

Fashion Stainless Steel Alloy Jewelry

Alloy jewelry in stainless steel has once again taken the fashion crazy people by storm. Stainless steel accessories and jewelry not only look good, but are also more durable than your regular gold jewelry. Alloy jewelry in stainless steel better is than gold and silver because many people are allergic to these two metals and therefore, cannot wear them as jewelry or accessories, whereas alloy jewelry can easily be worn without any allergic reactions. So in addition to looking pretty on you, stainless steel also offers some health benefits.


Alloy Stainless Steel – Choice of the Young

All types of jewelry in alloy stainless steel look extremely trendy and stylish. That is why many young girls and teenagers are attracted to it. Moreover, alloy jewelry is cost effective and looks great in the form of rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and necklaces. When stainless steel jewelry was first introduced in the market, it did not enjoy the degree of popularity it does now. The changing times and trends have made this metal a preferred one for jewelry and accessory making.

Stainless Steel vs. Silver

Both stainless steel and silver look quite similar in appearance; however, the idea of stainless steel replacing silver is still not a very common one. Despite the benefits stainless steel jewelry offers, silver is still a rare and precious metal, which is preferred by those who can afford it. Silver is considered more of a status symbol as compared to stainless steel.

Worth a Shot

Alloy and stainless steel jewelry with all its trendy looks and style deserves a shot by you. The best thing about stainless steel and alloy jewelry is that you don’t really need to be extra careful in looking after it; this metal is quite hardy and does not break with a little pull or carelessness. Its biggest advantage is its cost effectiveness and durability, two factors that make it quite low maintenance and an easy item for you to keep.


There is no need for you to polish this metal every other day, its shine stays on for a long time and looks brand new even after months of usage. The surface is practically resistant to scratches therefore, never looks worn out. Alloy and stainless steel jewelry is long-lasting and affordable, two important features that make it a perfect gift for your family, friends and loved ones. You can wear it whenever you want without worrying about the jewelry losing its color or shine – it looks great on everyone and with every style and look.

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Nov 26

Stainless Steel Jewelry – Hypo-Allergenic Accessories For Everybody

Stainless steel Alloy Jewelry is coming back in trend. Not only is it as beautiful as silver, it is also more hardy than gold and is tough as nails (literally!). Another thing that makes stainless steel Alloy Jewelry more and more popular is the fact that many people who are allergic to silver and gold can wear these without any irritation to their skin. So many people are turning towards this form of Alloy Jewelry as their savior, because they’re just allergic to everything else!


Although back in the past, stainless steel alloy was never quite as appreciated as its gold and silver counterparts, the tide is now changing. Because it’s so much more affordable, young people are trending towards rings, necklaces, earrings as well as pendants all made of this particular metal. It’s funny how things have changed since it was first introduced into the jewelry market – no one wanted to wear these accessories! These days this variety of accessories are getting a lot of attention from people of all walks of life and people are starting to buy, hence the prices are rapidly climbing.


Although the steel does look similar to silver, the debate of whether or not it will replace silver in the near future is non-existent. No matter what, silver is a more precious and rare metal while stainless steel alloy is abundantly manufactured, however it does have it’s place in the market.


If you’re contemplating whether or not to buy Alloy Jewelry, then get off the fence and give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The first thing you will notice after you’ve purchased a Alloy Jewelry necklace, finger ring, or earrings is that, you don’t even need to take good care of it – it pretty much does it on it’s on. Yes, the advantage of buying stainless steel alloy jewelry is that it is truly and absolutely low-maintenance.


You won’t have to constantly polish stainless steel as it gleams just fine on its on, and you won’t have to worry about those ugly smudge marks either. To top it all of, this type of alloy jewelry also makes a fantastic gift idea – affordable and long-lasting. The receiver will be pretty happy with the fact that he or she can wear it casually without the worry of damage or loss, and most important of all, it looks great on everyone!

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Nov 26

Brass Alloy Jewelry Likes by Everybody As a Traditional Jewelry

Brass is one of the first metals to discover by human beings. Before thousands years, human began to use brass. This also made cooper jewelry as one of the earliest jewelry that people worn in history.

Most of the cooper jewelry that people of the modern society wear is actually alloy jewelry. This kind of brass is an alloy that made of copper and zinc. The brass which is made of copper and zinc is called common brass. If the brass is a several alloy that consisting of two or more elements, for example the copper alloy which made of lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, silicon, is called special brass. Brass has good wear poof ability.

Compare with other metal, cheap is the greatest strength of brass alloy, and has good pliability and ductility, and is easy to work. Brass Alloy jewelry also has drawback, like it is easy oxidation and changing color and many people will allergic to brass.

Because of its good ductibility, and be easy to work, brass alloy is often used to make cheap jewelry, even some new concept fashion jewelry also use the low cost brass. After treated by polishing which is to anti-oxidation, cooper jewelry can get beautiful color.

After treated by polishing, the appearance of brass jewelry is similar to gold jewelry, some lawless person often palm off the brass jewelry as gold jewelry, in fact, it’s not difficult to identify cooper jewelry and gold jewelry. Because the proportion of brass is less than gold, in the same size conditions, gold jewelry is heavier than cooper jewelry, and its color is more yellow, cooper  alloy jewelry’s color appears redder.

There is one main drawback to copper alloy jewelry; it’s easy to oxidation and change color. To prevent oxidation, it’s best to avoid contact with the water, and galvanize or daub a layer of isolation.

If the cooper jewelry becomes oxidized, the best way to clean it is to send it to a professional jewelry store. The simplest way is to wipe it with cloth which dips a little toothpaste, it better to use a polishing compound substitute for toothpaste. Finally, coat with a nail polish on the treated cooper alloy jewelry, make it isolated from air to prevent oxidized and change color again.

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Nov 26

Industry are optimistic about stainless steel alloy jewelry

Stainless steel is a high alloy steel, it can provide anti-corrosion. As the name shows, it is not easy to rust; it also has perfect surface and corrosion resistance. It can play to the surface performance with itself inherent, without the surface treatment of plating.

Making fashion jewelry into stainless steel alloy has to go through several work procedures, after casting, line cutting, stamping, rough finishing, grinding and polishing processes, still need supported by variety of shading treatment effect, such as high frequency, high pulse technology, fine shading etching; hydraulic shading process, hollowed-out etching and high-temperature enamel surface protection technology.

It is a kind of very special alloy jewelry, it’s very strong and extremely resistant to corrosion, it won’t oxidized black like silver or cause allergies like copper jewelry, nor be poisonous, stainless steel alloy jewelry always keep its own natural color in the normal condition. This jewelry is all the same from inside to outside; it has passed the test of artificial sweat test. Here are advantage features of stainless steel alloy jewelry, it completely non-corrosive, resistant to acid and alkali, it won’t be discolor and fading, has no allergies, no deformation, and it’s hard, bright. It can be say that This kind of jewelry is a green environmental protection high-end jewelry for example Pandora Jewelry which is entirely on the human body does not produce any side effects and no harm.

The corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel Alloy Jewelry depends on the steel alloy element contained. Chromium is the essential elements which stainless steel resisted corrosion. In addition to chromium, the common alloy elements also have nickel, molybdenum, titanium ring, niobium, copper, nitrogen, etc. They can meet the requirements of variety of uses, to the properties of stainless steel. Its corrosion resistance, toughness and weld ability will increase with the increase of chromium content, the ability of resistance to chloride corrosion is better than other types of stainless steel alloy.

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Nov 26

Alloy Jewelry with Stainless Steel

With its anti-corrosion quality, stainless steel is a high alloy metal. It is hard to rust, with a perfect surface as well as resistant to corrosion, as suggested by its name. These are the steel’s inherited qualities – it behaves so, without any plating treatment.

Step for making jewelry in alloy

The alloy jewelry passes through multiple processes when stainless steel is used in its making. Post casting, the process continues with line cutting, followed by stamping. The rough finishing is then done, after which grinding takes place. Lastly, there is polishing. The next step is that of shading treatment. The process goes on with high frequency and the technology of high pulse. There is also fine shading impressions as well as hydraulic shading. Other technologies used include, the surface protection using enamel at high temperatures.

Alloy jewelry is of a special kind, owing to its strength and resistance towards corrosion. It does not tend to blacken like silver, as it does not oxidize. Unlike copper, it has no danger of giving allergies to the user. It has successfully passed the artificially carried out sweat test and is known to maintain its color. Its prominent features are that it is resistant to corrosion, acid as well as alkali. There are no chances of fading or discolor, with no allergies; it is hard and remains bright. These properties make this jewelry high-end and environmental friendly.

Corrosion resistant ingredients

The alloy jewelry is corrosion resistant because of the elements it is composed of. Different elements are perceived to be essential in terms of resistance towards corrosion in steel alloys. Among these Chromium stands as most essential element, whereas other common alloy elements are nickel, titanium ring, molybdenum, copper, niobium and nitrogen etc. These are all useful elements and enhance its properties. The increasing quantity of chromium tends to increase the toughness, weld-ability and the corrosion resistance. Also, this alloy is more resistant to chloride corrosion than any other.

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Nov 26

Alloy Jewelry – Beautiful and Affordable

Brass was among the first of metals that human beings discovered – its use was started thousands of years ago. Copper jewelry was also made from it, making it one of the first types of jewelry ever worn by humans.

The Alloy Factor

In this modern era, almost all the copper jewelry used by people is made of alloy. The brass alloy is composed of the two metals, Zinc and copper – this is known as common brass. If the brass is made of multiple elements, such as the likes of copper alloy that is composed of tin, nickel, manganese, lead, silicon and iron, it’s called special brass.

All that you need to Know about Brass

Comparing it with other metals, brass has better wear-proof ability, flexibility, and malleability. Its drawbacks are that it becomes easily oxidized, changes color and can cause allergies.

Good malleability and easy working make it preferable for low-cost jewelry. Anti-oxidizing polishing gives copper alloy jewelry a beautiful color; modern jewelers are also choosing to use it for their fashionable jewelry.

The polish treatment makes the brass alloy jewelry glossy, giving it almost a similar look as that of gold jewelry. But still both types of jewelries can easily be identified on the basis of their characteristics. For example, there is less proportion of brass than gold in jewelry of similar sizes. Also, the gold jewelry weighs more than that of copper. Thirdly, the latter has a redder appearance, compared to the more yellow color of gold.

The drawbacks of copper alloy jewelry are that it can be oxidized and tends to change its color. Less contact with water and galvanizing or daubing isolation layer may help to avoid oxidation.

In case of oxidation of copper jewelry, it is ideal to have it cleaned from a proper jewelry store. In households, such jewelry can be wiped clean with a piece of cloth and some toothpaste or polishing compound. A coat of nail polish isolates its contact with air, preventing oxidization and color change.

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Nov 26

Things you need to know about Alloy Jewelry

Summer is the season when girls wear beautiful summer dresses and matching shiny jewelry. However, not everyone can afford to buy diamonds, gold and silver; therefore, the best alternative to these metals is alloy jewelry. It looks wonderful when worn with bright colored clothes and casually made hair. It is affordable by everyone and comes in amazing trendy looks and designs.


However since alloy is not an expensive material, therefore, you have to take care of your jewelry and its maintenance, plus you have to look out for allergies as well.

Some cautionary measures

  • Alloy jewelry consists of traces of nickel, chromium, iron, copper, steel and a few other metals. Summer season causes us to sweat, which is the biggest reason for them to get rusty and corroded.
  • Avoid wearing this jewelry when you shower, bathe or swim. This can also cause corrosion.
  • Do not keep them out in the sun.

Allergic reactions of alloy

If your skin is sensitive alloy metal can also cause an allergic reaction. Your allergy won’t become serious if you stop using the jewelry as soon as you develop an allergic reaction. Once you feel that you are getting any sort of skin allergy you can visit your doctor and get some mild medication to prevent it.


Therefore, if your skin is too sensitive or you have the tendency to develop allergies then avoid using alloy jewelry or consult your doctor before wearing it.

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